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Anyone noticed this?


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(At least for me in Australian servers) I swear it is taking 10x longer to get into literally any games that used to be really popular on Pc. Like Smite, Paladins, Fortnite and games like Ark, Path of Exile and other Rsps's are dead compared to what it use to be. Where has everyone gone, what does everyone do these days for gaming wise? I play osrs occasionally but I only enjoy pking and it's nearly impossible for me to find fights in Auspvp worlds and if I pk on Us/Uk worlds I have 300 ping so I have to literally predict when I'm going to get specced it's near impossible as a pure. 

Just looking for some good game recommendations that is active at the moment and doesn't take me literally 10 mins to get into a 20 min game lmfao

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