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account recovered

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Disputed member: [member=] https://osbot.org/forum/profile/194947-12thbuc/

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Explanation: i purchased the account in question September 2nd using Chris as our middle man everything seemed to be going find and i went to login yesterday on mobile to see i was logged out so i checked my email and he sent a recover request approx 26 hours ago i noticed also when i got on here yesterday that after not logging into osbot since like September 13th he had gotten on and had looked at my profile on here i have sent a message to him on discord and osbot but no replies have been made


i can post more screenshots of whatever is needed if needed but im assuming hes not going to even bother to reply.

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2 hours ago, Dollyllama14 said:

User has been banned. He never acknowledge his warning and then viewed this dispute then left. Sorry for your loss.

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