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6 minutes ago, ggpiece said:

you need my service i play osrs as an ironman. im familiar with iron methods and hve done this things on my account aswell. lol please get back to me here if interested in my service and we can exchange discord thank you :)


sorry you have 0 feedback i am only going to be using highly trusted services for any orders completed on my accounts

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1 hour ago, ggpiece said:

ok i understand how do i get feedback on this site im not sure lol ive been working privately for friends and clan mates for a long time but have no prove of my services unfortunately. if you ahve to do services to get feedback then no one will ever trust me for first one :(

For the very first bit of feedback, you could probably just buy some stuff off of people. Like gold or accounts or something. Once you have a bit of rep there try doing services through the request thread using a middleman, so you get feedback through that and people don't have to worry about you scamming. After that, try applying to services once again.

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