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8 minutes ago, FuryShark said:

Sell them. Do a money maker afterwards.

Yeah I would really like to have this 99 out of the way and even just selling them will bring in profit, I'm not bad off on GP but I'm not well off to where I can dump GP for XP lol


I also need to get to a total level of at least 1750 so that I can use that world to AFK crabs on mobile for combat exp. so this will also help along with a good break from mining since i'm almost 91 mining as is..

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2 hours ago, Halicarnassus said:

Sell them, if your goal is 99 Fletching go for that and Train magic later with other methods

'Saving' money making your yew longsbows yourself isn't actually saving money. 

It all depends on how you want to play though!

Yeah I'm selling them I can alch the magic longbows there'll be plenty for that

5 hours ago, jca said:

Alch! Make the most of that XP. 

I'll alch the magic longbows I'm already 94 mage

5 hours ago, Dbuffed said:

It really depends.

Do you need the magic experience? I'm currently doing 99 fletching on a 1 defence agser who wants all non-cb's 99.

Yeah just 5 more levels for magic

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