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Runelite bans?


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26 minutes ago, dsstriker said:

Anyone know if jagex bans people for using runelite?
downloaded it yesterday and got banned today lol.. most i'v used on this account is a auto clicker on my mobile..
rest i'v been questing.

My god... You just said you used a _auto_ clicker yet you link it to runelite... But if your question is or was legitimate, no, you don’t get banned by using runelite.

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2 minutes ago, nogdonalds said:

Runelite client is approved by Jagex. Only way you could get banned is autoclicker or illegal plugins you have used


While you won't get banned for simply using RuneLite, it most definitely isn't "approved" by them. Never once has any Jagex employee ever stated this. Their stance has always been; you use third party clients at your own risk.

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