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Is this a good resource to learn scripting?

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Hello friends, 

Would this youtube video be a good start to learn how to script? Also how outdated is the video, would I need new information that wasn't provided in the video? (i'm asking this since this video came out at 2016, and if there was new implementations i have to consider when scripting)



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I don't know if there have been any changes to the API since I practically joined this forum now but I don't think that should be of any issue.

It's a good place to start but I think you'd do yourself a favor by actually learning to code rather than follow a copy-paste-guide (no offense to William) - I only watched his tut vid 1 & 2.

If you want to create a good script you need knowledge about the programming language because you are bound to have errors and it will make your life easier. Besides that if you only copy and paste code from a video how many others do you think will have done the same? It might not be a good idea to rely on that script if you intend to bot for money/xp as it's most likely going to be detected rather quickly by Jagex. Personalizing your script makes it unique and you can edit and add features to make it more complex and superior, which is why knowing how to code is my recommendation to you. 

However, if your intention is learning then by all means, I think you could learn something from this kind of tutorial if you engage and submerge into the syntax and algorithm even if its a really 'shallow' guide to making a bot.


If your intention is to learn programming it can't be harmful. If your intention is to actually bot with this for money/xp, I wouldn't recommend it.

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