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Lavash's Cape Shop | 1-31 PRAY | ANY Account Build | 40+ Pray Capes |

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Looking for a NO OVERHEAD Fire cape? Look no further.





Order Form:
Do you agree to my TOS?:
1-31/43+ Prayer:
Range/def/hp lvl:
Have you contacted my on OSbot/Discord/Skype?:


95-99 Range - 59M
85-95 Range - 69M
75-85 Range - 79M
70-75 Range - 89M
60-69 Range - 129M

36+ Range 10HP+ - Discuss for price (Special Service)

3k sweets must be provided for each cape, depending on the stats more sweets might be needed. I will provide all gear/ammo/pots needed to complete your cape.

These capes take constant Concentration, skill and game knowledge to do
If for any reason I fail due to disconnects, I will re-do your cape with my own supplies. Depending on the account build, I might ask for 24 hours for completion.


Logging into the account during a service without my permission will result in termination of service without refund. No overhead fire capes require very delicate co-ordination and routines, and logging in in such situations will inevitably undo several hours of work. You will be messaged on sythe/discord/skype when it is safe to login.

40+ Prayer Capes
Completion of Prayerless Capes:
Always confirm you are speaking to me on discord/skype ask for a pm on OSbot.
By purchase a service from you agree to the TOS.


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14 minutes ago, Lavash said:


You may not log into the account during a service unless you have permission from the owner of the service.
You must not change the details of the account until the service has been completed.
You must change your passwor
d after the service is completed.
Im not held accountable for any bans/blackmarks/mutes on the account.
If a death has incurred, i will redo the service with my own supplies.
Orders will be completed by me and only me, no third parties.


Please note the OSBot global ToS also applies to and overrides this one.

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