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Cj82401's Questing/Mini-games/Power-leveling Services [OSRS GP] [HAND DONE]

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Hi I am sort of new to the forums I've used some of the free bots here and there but I'm looking for some work. I have been playing Runescape on and off for about 10 years and I really only enjoy leveling other peoples accounts for money. I have done little side jobs for a few friends here and there and its pretty simple. I have a price list for each quest and can quote you for any type of job you'd need done whether its for a Fighters Torso, Defender, or any other type of Leveling/Questing and or Mini-games. I will do small jobs for feedback and possibly a few free jobs to start me off. I really only operate using Discord so just add me and PM me through that. Everything I complete will be HAND DONE on the original OSRS client, I can provide screenshots whenever needed.

P.S - I will edit this and make the thread look better once I am more comfortable with the forums and figure out how everything works.

Contact Info

Discord - Discord4Chris#0459

Screenshots below :)


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