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70 Agility + Full Graceful Accounts

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I have 7 level 3 accounts with 70 agility and full graceful for sale

 1. Pictures of the account stats


   2. Pictures of the account bans


   3. Membership left (if there is any)

Assume no membership is on the accounts, however you may get somewhat lucky and receive one with a few days left.

   4. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address

I am the OO of these accounts and they currently have no verified email address.


Currently looking to sell these for 30m each. 

Post or PM with your Skype/Discord if you are interested or to ask any further questions.

Extra Information:

The IP's used to create these accounts will NOT be in my possession indefinitely, however I am making every effort to ensure I keep enough details required to recovery the accounts if requested.

Given that the details for some of these accounts will be the same, it is not safe for me to give these details to individuals.

If any one of these accounts are resold then you MUST notify me via PM so that if I am requested to recover the account I can be confident that I am not aiding a scammer.

Quashes will be discussed on an individual basis.

Future Accounts: I do also make 80, 90, 99 agility accounts and will be making more of these in the future. I will also be making HCIM Agility accounts.


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