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Hello all,


I would like to offer some Excel formula/macro assistance for those of you that work office jobs and need different ways of keeping track of things, creating reports, and other related tasks that require the use of a spreadsheet.


I consider myself fairly advanced in Excel, I have created full presentable dashboard reports for executive management in large corporate companies, made templates and other release forms which have optimized our workflow for our workers on the field.


Some of my specific fields of expertise include:

- Setting up database tracking spreadsheets

- All advanced Excel Formulas (Index Match, Indexing, V LookUp, H LookUp, IF statements, nested IF statements, creating graphs, charts, etc.)

- Custom spreadsheets for your personal use!


If you would like me to create something for you, we can discuss this and I will let you know a price (in OSRS gp).


Please help me get this ball rolling! We all use Excel in our office jobs, let me make the process easier for you with just a few million GP in OSRS!







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I do alot of project management work and had some peers who were experts in Excel. One of these guys was really patient and basically explained to me his craft (he was the project controls guy for 3 projects and everyone relied on this guy for his dashboards and Excel spreadsheets). I was in this role for about 9 months and learned everything I could off of him. Eventually I started being able to make my own spreadsheets. 


When I came to my current company and I showed them my Excel work they never saw anything like this before. Soon enough I was being relied on as the Excel "guru" and I have basically become as the main go to guy for this sort of thing.

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