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Wolks Pest Control

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I made this simple Pest Control script because there aren't any free at the moment and I want to improve on writing scripts. This script isn't optimized to run Pest Control the best way possible. On arrival or when it can't find a NPC it will always run south, either to the middle or between the two portals. It currently doesn't attack portals or open gates. However, it won't attack NPC's that are unreachable. Script does seem to run nearly flawless, it will only do nothing if it can't find any NPC's south or near the middle.

I ran the script for a couple of hours without any problems other than the one mentioned above. I got around 500 points using the script so far. Baby-sit is recommended if you feel like using the script (if you do, feedback is more than welcome). Script is a work in progress.


  • Supports intermediate boat
  • Random position inside boat
  • Quick Prayer (13+ prayer required)
  • Searches for NPC's to attack
  • Attacks Brawlers, Defilers, Ravagers, Shifters, Spinners and Torchers
  • Strength XP Tracker
  • Learn when to open gates (so pathing can be made better, more human-like, instead of just South)
  • Attack portals
  • Prioritize Spinners
  • XP tracker for whatever combat skill you are using
  • Pest control points tracker
  • Potion support
  • Special attack support
  • Support for all boats

How to start: 

  • Setup Quick Prayer
  • Start the script near the intermediate boat (or else it won't work)




Download (latest version)

Removed for now


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i was thinking of writing one legit 1 hour ago lol (for private use) but i guese il use your code and change it up abit :) massively thanks man

21 minutes ago, siilentalk said:

Congrats on release. I'll wait for someone to do a proof check and give it a try myself.

doing proof check right now will let u know results

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