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buying tut island accs

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47 minutes ago, TaxSeazon said:

paying 150k per acc

i provide info

you run thru tut island, i will request screenshots at certain points to verify non-botted

must use osbuddy

add my skype or discord if interested

skype - taxseazon@hotmail.com

discord - TaxSeazon#6091

can do this 200k/acc

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I'm not really sure why you're requesting hand done - if the accounts are 3 day+ rested with proof, they're fine to use. I've had a few hundred tut accounts I've botted sitting around for months and they're not banned, current farm of 20 running for 25 days straight now. xD

Plus, hand doing accounts is really annoying. I really suggest you try botting them before you go into buying for 150k ea, residential rotating proxies are key ?

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