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actually having fun on video games

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I feel like battlefield has taken over on the FPS multiplayer throne. Call of duty was just way to repetitious and although it was very fun the community just went to shit. The game is basically a pissing contest now on whos's the best. I was very competitive at COD for the longest time. Now i just want to Relax when I play not caring how good or bad I do. Not raging and screaming at other people, but to be with a group of friends and just have fun. 


I feel like battlefield is a great game to do that, and i'm very excited for the release of it :) 


what are you're thoughts on competitive gaming and such?   

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IMO, call of duty listens to very little about the community.


Too many people complain about aimbots, head glitches, knife fails, see no scopes, constant uav, constant streaks, etc.


I think cod would be better with less people due to the amount of streak kills ruining others streak kills, etc etc.


As far as competitive gaming goes, fine, but there should be no breach in effective combat based on a person internet bandwidth, aimbotting, or random missles blowing you up in the midst of a 20 kill streak.




Oh, and yes, BF forever.    COD... I agree should definitely die.

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I mean i used to be one of those guys who ONLY played Cod. I never played any other game. only multiplayer never campaign. I enjoyed it too. but i'm just done with all the competitive stuff. I'm getting the PS4 because i think it's more of a laid back console. And I'm really tired of all the xbox flamers

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