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[S] league accs

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hello today i am selling some of my league accs reason for it? i buy them as lvl30 smurfs and rank them up till the rank i prefer to let it go.

what do i currently have?

euw: plat 4 and plat3

eune: dia3

turkey: plat v (currently gold1 demoted cuz innactivity will be plat back)

if you are intrested in the champs/skins pm me or post below since i will screenshare the account's because evrybody could just take some pictures from google and post them.

the accounts comes with all the information that ive gotten from the offsite accounts have been in my posession for over 6months and never gotten a ban.

can also boost ur account or one of mine to the rank you desire.

taking rsgp/paypall

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