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Soo i got a 1 day ban

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After main got busted after using rsbuddy some years ago i decided to start up again... The pure i had was ofc in rs3 so had to start all over in osrs. That one got busted last christmas so took a break.. got into it again now and the new "main" got an 1 day ban today... so a couple of questions (i know some has kind of been answered before): 

First of all i want to know if im to appeal, is it possible to undo this, is it possible to get a perm ban from it and is there any ponit? The acc is good enough to do bosses ect so its kind of ok to play whith..

And i assume that any kind of botting on this acc wil get it perm banned right?

I have some other accounts that didnt get banned that was ofc bottet on the same computer, should i stop botting on them as well? Att least ontil i get a new IP?

Thanks alot for any input! :)

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Ok, not only 1 hour here and there? ? 

The main question are maybe if i could still bot on the other acc..? gotten some good stats on it and some money so dont want to loose it yet, my plan now i think is play on the main when i care to do so and start up with some new "mains" and hopefully they maybe even gets better stats than this one! ? 

I feel that when i create a acc i want to ceep im really carefull, but im getting sloppier after a while i guess.. Well CB 105 and tot 1400 may not be so bad when its 95% botted ?


:edit Thanks for imput! :) 

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If it's a main, just use combat scripts until it gets good stats and then do the other skills yourself.

Cooking, fletching etc is extremely afkable and I don't see the point of botting skills like that on a main, combat skills are boring as hell tho and have a low-ban rate.

If it gets caught again tho, it's perm ban for sure so it's up to you.

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