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---Slay's Fornite Service (XBOX ONLY)---

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Hello all, I was thinking of ways to possibly make a name for myself in the community and I realize there are no fortnite services. So I am here to offer a all new fortnite winning service. Please contact me via this thread or pm to start the process. 

What I offer? 

- I offer wins in squad for you on fortnite ..again xbox only. 

How much per win? 

- Each win will cost 4.5m. 

How does this work? 

- Depending on if my normal squad is on, we will either carry you to your X amount of wins, or I will recover your Xbox account and complete the wins for you. 

What if I have saved credit card or PayPal on my account? 

- This is simple, remove your saved payment method from your account for the time being before the service .

- How long will the service take? 

This consists of how many wins you order, we will set up an approximated eta on completion, any wins not completed in the reasonable time will be refunded and you will receice 1 free win for your troubles. 

Order Form

-What is your Skype? 

-How many wins would you like? 

-Do you agree to the terms of service? 

Terms of Service 

1) You will go first or we will use a middleman. 

2)If we choose the option where I play your account - you will not login at any time until service is complete or the eta time has passed. 

3)If you recover or login mid service, the service will be void without refund. 

4) All payments will be paid via OSRS GP, NO PayPal. 



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