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Question about botting on a main


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I have a main with ~1930 total atm and I heard that botting on a main is a thing.

So from what I understand, as long as you don't bot anything that makes u big money you will only get a 2 day ban if u get caught?

Can someone confirm this?

I absolutely HATE runecrafting and I was just looking to bot runecrafting 68-77 at ZMI with safe botting (off peak hours, in the evening when jagex employees are home, 1hr max a day)

Is this viable? Is there a posibility that I get a perm ban? I'm not looking to sell the account so a 2 day penalty really doesn't matter for me 

I'd appreciate it if someone could answer these questions! Have a nice day! ?

(ps: i have over 8 bans on my IP, does that matter?

also: what is something that is quite safe to bot? / low banrate(i only have combat and wc 99))

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i mean theres always a risk, espically with runecrafting being a high banrate skill. Maybe if u purchase a private script from a good scripter that does only zmi that u want and u do small off peak sessions like u said it could work. I mean me personally i kinda like the risk thats why i bot all my accounts. I've never had luck with rc and for a 1930 total main to get permed would suck. maybe even look into transfering ur wealth to another account and have someones trusted like dbuffed or another service provider do it by hand for ya

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