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Thinking about quitting, PC my main please


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2k total, max combat. Has quest cape as of 4/21/18. Untradables include slayer helm(i), b ring(i), salve amulet(i), archers ring(i), full elite void, 4 dragon defenders, 23 fire capes (yes, 23.), fighter torso, ava's assembler, herb sack, gem bag, mage arena 2 cape, rune pouch, full rogue outfit, arclight, xeric's talisman w/ raids teleport unlocked, barrows gloves, anchor, and whatever else you get from doing everything for quest cape.

Has augury, rigour, and preserve unlocked

Has all hard diaries done and all elites except for Kandarin, Desert, Fremennik, Falador, and Karamja

Has full favor in all Zeah houses

Has Kraken, Heron, and Skotizo pets

If people could give me an approximate price, that would be awesome. I'm currently a full time student, so I don't have much time to play and I kinda need the money. I know I don't have the post count to sell accounts yet, but I plan on doing some services for people and maybe selling off some of my pures over the next few weeks, so I should get it pretty soon.


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Only things I really enjoy doing on RS anymore are raids and pking, which are just as fun on a med level which wouldn't take long to make. Besides... I feel like a lot of us play RS because we can't stop, not because it's actually fun. The game is just an endless grind. I really want to find some other hobbies, work on my social life, and find some other games that are actually entertaining. 

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