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Simple Alt Acc Bot?

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If your just botting one account, i highly doubt they gonna chainban ur main. Personally if i were u id make "twins" and bot them both for fishing, cuz as a greyname u can bot two acc's at once. but if ur gonna spend money on a vpn/ proxies ya might as well get VIP too (unlimited bot tabs)  and make like 4-6 accs have 2-3 running while 2-3 are resting. quest them by hand and dont go crazy. If u make if far enough to say 82 fishing on a few of them u can start fishing minnows (after getting full anglers outfit) and maybe get a small shark farm. And if u make it to 99 on any u can sell the accounts for cheap to keep ur farms going and pay for memberships etc. But my advice is switch it up get quests done and some other small skills by hand to look less like a bot ready account

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Valbot and other people seeking advise in this thread.

It really depends on the type of alt you want, do you want no effort put into the account with a low loss factor upon ban or do you want something that can make you money but also build value into the account.

Let's take a look into a few ideas.

1. Tabmaking alt - could ideally get you 99 mage in the long run.

2. Barrows Alt - Low cost for the script per month but can make you 400k- 1m an hour depending on luck.

3. Air orber - 66 mage required can get this through making tabs.

4. Zulrah alt, big money there but is it something you want to put your time into ?

5. Blast furnace alts, High Ban rate.


Barrows Loot picture below;


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