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Thinking of selling, or building to something.

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22 minutes ago, raikzun420 said:

Build to something.

Edit: Oh you're selling...
Wouldnt throw any money towards ex-banned account.
Bet you have registred mail aswell :( ~2-4m

Good luck selling tho !

Yeah it's a multi question, do I sell? For a price, or do I build to something? I'm not sure what to build to though.

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To be honest man it's a pain to buy Probably 5-8m
Its flagged with a Ban, So no one wants to bot on it, The person buying an account is probably going to bot on it eventually.
My Advice
Since the account is so hard to sell, I would be looking at suicide it.
This isn't a bad thing because the bot does have some decent stats, You can run scripts that go under the radar and are not common for the average nub.
I'd try bot 100m then sell that, If your still not banned by then well yolo it until it does get banned and repeat this 100m cycle. 

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