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Jo Nes

Runescape skiller and quester. Pro looking for employer! Honest and hardworking

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I am a very honest person and looking for someone to employ me to do work for them

I never bot in my life and only use client OSBuddy Pro. I supply all screenshot levels and when customer want one screenshot i can give because no bots!

I can play up to 6-8 hour a day constant, i have account 2000+ total i am very good skiller and quester

If you hire me you will have good worker, i dont lie or cheat people.

All jobs you can take some money for yourself and also tell customer not to put money in the account for safety because im new..I can put small deposit 20-25M, already said tell customer to change gold to different account, never will you have any issues because i will hand train and work hard, i can record whole time every minute using recorder! So bans I wont be in trouble

I want to make money in game and i want you to hire me because professional worker like me makes business bigger for you!

My pro's: 1) Skilling (afk, aiglity, slay all i can do) 2) Questing (all quests i will do) 3) House favours and diarys can do

You can write me on here, on discord or Skype.Discord: Jo Nesbo#3542 Skype: live:jonesbo_5

Many workers dont like to play but do for money, i like to play and want money. Please hire me, you wont be disapointed!!!

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