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Bot Opens Runescape Account Settings

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1. OSBot Version (do NOT put "current version", be specific)


2. A description of the issue. Include relevant logs.

Randomly while a script is running, a new tab will open in chrome the directs to the runescape account settings login. 

URL: https://secure.runescape.com/m=weblogin/loginform.ws?mod=www&ssl=1&expired=0&dest=account_settings.ws

Did not see anything related to the URL or trying to access outside content in the logger, are there other logs I can grab and attach here?

3. Are you receiving any errors in the client canvas or the logger? 


4. How can you replicate the issue?

No idea, it happens randomly. No pattern that I've noticed. It has happened with multiple scripts, and not at a specific point or during a specific action while the script is running. I figure its client side since it happens with multiple scripts.

5. Has this issue persisted through multiple versions? If so, how far back?

No, just noticed it after 2.5.3

My first VIP recently expired, and I only noticed it after that.

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