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Dispute against rickgill49

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Disputed member: rickgill49

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He took 5.5m instead of 5m before doing the quest, that should have been red flag one. then he told me the stats on the account needed to be higher even though the rough list of stats were in the thread. so that was red flag two. red flag three that was a MASSIVe red flag was he did the first 30 minutes ish of the quest, then three hours after having the account told me he was at the boss. 3 more hours no reply i log into the account and he is just at the GE not even close to the end of the quest. He offered to throw the 5.5m back on the account today so i changed the password back (only had like 3m in the bank anyway, so why not) then i log on a minute ago and he's cleared the bank lol. guess he is quitting? looks like he's been flooding offers for questing the last few days...









The one good thing i can say is he didnt ruin my pure (didnt get the defence up) and left all the untradeables in the bank. so nice guy scammer? >,<

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