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Proxy help.

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Hey all,

today i have a problem i have never see before.

was running a few accounts on vps. all accounts where on different proxy's and 1 account run without proxy on the vps ip.

at exact the same time 2 accounts got disconnected, and when they relogin they get stuck on the connection to runescape screen.

1 client was on a proxy, and 1 client on the vps ip.

when i launch the 2 clients back i get 2 different erros(normal they mean client need update or your proxy is not working)


vps ip - Bot initialization error

proxy1 - Socks proxy configuration error

normal i would say proxy is offline and vps is offline.

but the vps is online and working, other bots are running on the server without problems.

and the proxy1 who give socks configration error on this server, works fine on all other server i have.

also the strange thing when load a client on the vps ip in low-resource mode it loads the client, it logs in to the account only it doenst start any script. not even locals.


its not a big deal, but i hate it that i dont know what the problem is.


so anyone a idea what it can be?





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2 minutes ago, w0000ticus said:

Check the proxy maybe and see if it's live still? Is the port valid? Is there a connection limit to the proxy? I wouldn't know if it's running without other problems though, out of my scope real fast.

Proxy works fine on other servers, looks more like a problem with the server, that it blocks it for some reason. idk why


i find it strange i cant load a client in normal mode, but in low-resource mode it load

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