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Mirror Mode problems

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i cant get my mirror mode to work can some one maybe please help me,

It looks like my osrs offical client blocks me from clicking or doing anything on the client & the osbot client freezes.

[INFO][03/04 05:24:07 PM]: Loaded 2 RS accounts!
[INFO][03/04 05:24:08 PM]: Welcome to OSBot 2.5.2!
[INFO][03/04 05:24:15 PM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 165!
[DEBUG][Bot #1][03/04 05:24:15 PM]: Initializing mirror client bot...
[INFO][Bot #1][03/04 05:24:44 PM]: Initializing 36 API modules...
[INFO][03/04 05:24:44 PM]: Started bot #1
[ERROR][Bot #1][03/04 05:24:44 PM]: input
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.osbot.rs07.input.mouse.ClientMouseEventHandler.loadMWLs()V
    at client.KxD.kf(Unknown Source)
    at client.emu.Ppe.run(Unknown Source)

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20 minutes ago, inababila said:

@Alek could help you.


14 minutes ago, fckndan said:

Unfortunately, Mirror mode has been down for over a week now. 

I recommend using the bug reports section under the Mirror Client VIP+ forum.

Thanks for the responses ,ohh thats unfortunate!

good to know its a general problem and nothing something with my client hehe.


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