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pc temps

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Having an issue with one of my pc's


a8-5500 at stock speeds, stock cooler. Idles at 57-60c and 90-94c at 40-50% cpu load. No gpu installed. Also replaced the thermal paste twice with 2 different tubes and no luck. Single 120mm intake fan blowing direcly into the cpu fan.


Would a beafy air cooler/single 120mm water aio fix it?

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1 hour ago, RDM said:

Turns out CPUID HWMonitor is a lier. Checked the temps with MSI Afterburner and Aida64 and both say its running 55c under 56% load vs 70c at 10% usage.

Even running at 70c at 10% load is detrimental to your CPU. 

CPU's should be running at max 60-70 at full load to be safe.

Personally i've got a h180i Corsaid dual 120mm cooler and its fucking fantastic compared to shitty stock cpu fan, but it all depends on what you're doing with your pc too

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