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NMZ Ranged Accounts

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I will provide a fresh registered account(s).

You will have to get the following:


Tut island + randomize the char (so I won't be accused of botting)
NMZ quests (demon)
Rock cake + 1 extra rock
God cape
All the quests requirements (like fishing contest for rock cake, ernest the chicken for ava's etc.)

Full quests list:


Dwarven rock cake:
Cook's assitant
Fishing contest
Recipe for Disaster Part 1: Helping the Cook
Sub-quest 1: Freeing the Mountain Dwarf (+1 extra rock)

NMZ (demon):
Vampire slayer 
Tree gnome 
Fight arena 
The grand tree 
Lost city 

The restless ghost
Ernest the chicken
Priest in peril
Animal magnetism


60 ranged
60 magic
40 def
60 prayer
All the skills requirements for the quests (25 agi, 36 wc, 31 crafting, 10 cooking, 10 fishing, 18 slayer)

I will be paying 33m for this, you have a week to complete this. If you finish it quicker I will add 1m for every day.
For example: if you finish it in 2 days you will receive 38m.

Payment methods:

Paypal and rsgp.



- Your supplies and bond(s). it will be part of the final payment.
- You can do any quest you'd like to achieve these stats (like waterfall for 30 att 30 str, etc.)
- You will receive a fresh registered account, must be hand done, no botting allowed.
- If highly trusted I will go first, otherwise you have to go first or we will use a MM.
- I have the right to ask for a cool down up to 7 days, but most likely will be 2-4 days.
- If you provide a video, cool down won't be necessary.
- If you're willing to go first, you will receive the payment after the service is fully completed (that includes the cool down).
- In case of a ban, I will be fully refunded.

Discord: NinjadGuy#8582

Skype: ilan.summer



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