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Dispute against:coolkidson, scammed me

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1 hour ago, Dex said:

I suggest you try calling your bank and try chargebacking the payment there. If that doesn't work out we can ask @Lights if he can recover the account for you.

I already tried, Also checked the help centre at PayPal, It says the only way to get it back is contact the receiver, so that must be coolkidson.

So only one way, he must pay me back, or try to recover the account via @Lights

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10 hours ago, Dex said:

It doesn't look like he's ever going to reply, he was online multiple times after I warned him and requested him to post here so I went ahead and banned him.

I have also contacted @Lights and requested him to recover the account and hand it over to you.

Too bad! Thanks for all the help. Hope @Lights can help me out. Is anyone here that has his Skype or Discord?

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