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Account Info:

Accounts fresh off tutorial island.

I do not store any info or IP created on so i cannot recover them.

Accounts are all spam emails:passwords

Accounts are rested 3+ days then double checked for bans/locks.

 6.  Price

120k/account for <50 accounts.

100k/account for <250 accounts.

80k/account for >=250 accounts.

    7. The methods of payment you are accepting

07 GP

    8. Your trading conditions

You first, or a MM of choice.



Once an account is sold, I cannot help you recover any account as I don't store any information.

Save all account info once I tell you it.

If an account is banned or locked upon selling, I will happily refund you the banned/locked ones :) 

I use these accounts for my own farm and have had great success with them.



175 accounts atm.


Contact Methods:

OSbot chat

Skype: Joey-bots

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