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report on deceiver

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had a dispute last night etc etc he tried getting me banned now i would like him banned 

he recovered my account and i dont know what he told you guys to get TWC tag but he just ratted on himself lul

list of reasons why it was on purpose


1. he never mentioned anything to me about him doing anything of this manner which if someone were to they would say it was a mistake

2. he kept asking for proof l0ling at me thinking i didn't have any thinking he got away scott free

3. he said he didn't recover merlomans account so that would make that osbot member and OO on the line for the account so deceiver must be banned cause if he didnt do it than he did but merloman did not obviously

4. He used the fact that he was a osbot ex mod to sell his accounts and that they were to be trusted why higher price ( putting osbot rep at risk )

5. he is now trying to make a deal with me since he is a caged rat caught 

6. i took an extended break for over 2 months after i bought the accounts and he thought he could get away with it



i have proof of chat logs for transactions, paypal transactions etc etc but this right here he has said himself admitting he recovered the accounts under false pretenses trying to make a deal with me since he knows he was caught up 

i maybe would have understood some kind of story but the fact that he never mentioned anything, lied to everyone, used osbot's name, tried to get me banned so i couldn't finish my dispute earlier etc etc just sums up that he tried to pull one over on me


i dont scam anyone and have a great distain for scammers so i would like him to be perm banned 

i dont want the accounts back i dont want a refund i want the person who recovered my accounts ( deceiver ) that i bought when he needed money banned nothing else!!!


will post more proof if requested i have everything on different computers so please let me know will get together but this right here should do it enough




he has admitted to sending in ban appeals but the accounts were never banned so he actually sent in a recovery forum instead which 100% is intentional. i did not need this evidence of course but its sweet of him to sum everything up for my new dispute lelelel

thanks alot deceiver good luck with that 100$ rofl

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