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Need a little bit of help :D

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2 hours ago, appie040 said:

guys so i made 2 extra accounts atm both level 3! i'm wanting to make it to a zulrah account

Whats the fastest way to train or quest

And some extra tips would be awesome!!


Ps how long is it going to take? 70 def 85 range 85 mage + quests

A week or two is timefeframe it took me, but i went for 70 range not 85.

Sand crabs/nmz/any fighter for cb lvls.

I use Perfect magic for my mage training. get to 85 in a few days of afk botting bout 3 hours a day 

Some quests can be done with stealth quester but the longer more tedious ones will need to be serviced or done yourself

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