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False feedback

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Why it should be removed: The user is lying about what happened. 

Details: I was doing a service for this user and the account got banned. He blamed me for it but I didn't bot once.
He's been posting on the forums after it happened saying how he was banned on multiple accounts and asking how he can't prevent this from happening
Proof I'm not the reason the account is banned:

Link to topic: 

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7 hours ago, anger said:

I posted pictures but they didn't appear on the thread. Are you able to see them? If not i'll repost.


Also he's a banned scammer on power bot I don't know if that matters here but just letting you know.

The screenshots still don't appear on the thread, can you upload them to imgur and then paste the links in here?

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The accounts im talking about that got banned on forums is not The account i gave you. Those are 4 accounts i botted on myself. 

I literally gave you The info, yoy went on The acc, then i logged in to do you a favour(getting cluehunter pieces by hand) then The account was perm banned. I never Even logged onto The account on a bot client.


my p****bot account is banned for sxamming because i got hacked and i cant afford to refund whoever got scammed to Get it unbanned, nor do i need it unbanned.


fuck you.

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Worth to note; i paid him IN ADVANCE. I DID NOT scam him whatsoever. My account got banned for major botting. He was The only one with access. i never Even logged into a bot cloent on The acc. Of course im going to blame him for getting it banned and of course im going to be pissed for wasting 10 bucks on him/The acc.


unbelieveable that I am The one getting negative feedbaxk when i am The fucking victim. What a joke.

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