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Poll: Absolute musts for account buying

When you buy PURE accounts  

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  1. 1. When buying a pure (of any kind ie 1 def, zerk etc) are non-combat skills important to you? If so, what levels would be sufficient?

    • No
    • Yes, 30+ all non-combat skills
    • Yes, 40+ all non-combat skills
    • Yes, 50+ all non-combat skills
    • Yes, 50+ some non-combat skills like agility
  2. 2. When buying a pure, are quests important to you?? If so, what amount would be sufficient?

    • As long as it has mithril gloves/Desert treasure (for 1 def pure)
    • 100+ Quest points (for 1 def pure)
    • Don't care
  3. 3. Are achievement diaries important to you?

    • Yes, have all possible completed on a 1 def pure
    • No, don't care
  4. 4. Are outfits important?

    • Yes, full graceful only
    • Yes, graceful, anglers, miner set wc set, theiving set
    • no, don't care

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i look at value of acc. if untradeables or not. how much of the harder grinds are done, how much i'll have to manually do, and lastly if its a deal or not. if you look at my botting a new main thread i have my main + a new acc im tracking, that acc has almost full graceful, full zammy book, god cape, fighter torso, decent stats, and was only $35 so i snagged it asap

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1. Yes, only important noncombats. Agility, slayer, thieving, construction. Faster run energy is important and obstacles in wilderness, slayer for certain equipment, thieving shortcuts, construction for a decked out house.


2. Quests are 100% important to me but I say that as a quester. I would never ever buy or create an account that didn't have perfectly quested stats. My current 1 def pure has 198 quest points right now and still not done.


3. Only ardy easy diary, wilderness ones, and varrock easy. Varrock body is best 1 def body slot.


4. Yes and no. Graceful is nice to have but not necessary. Skilling outfits I dont give a shit about for pures. HOWEVER, minigame/quest outfits are prime. C wars gear, ghostly, etc.

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why would anyone buy a zerker that isnt pk ready.

Just having a client open when your pc is on allows you to max your combatskills in like 2months while making gp, but getting all the shit skills like agility and then doing quests is the annoying part when making an account for pking

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