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[S] Great starter pure - very nice main in progress [S]

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I recently got cleaned for 5b~ and I can never see myself playing this game. So it was either suicide zulrah bot the main or sell it, and I'm pretty sure the last is the best solution.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/fOGV0

Account 1 is a 15 prayer pure with firecape and mithril gloves, full zammy book, ready to be made into whatever you want it to be.

all the progress for now is quested (atk - prayer(avas) - etc)


Account 2 is a main in progress, ready for everything pretty much. Has bgloves, almost full graceful, rigour & augury, etc.

None of the accounts are botted, also none of the accounts has any black marks.

I will provide original email for the pure, although the main is my everyday email.

Both are my own accounts and has never been shared with others.

No value in banks.


I just want to get rid of these so I'm pretty flexible as long as the offer isn't shamefully bad.

If interested, leave a bid on any of the two accounts.

I'll answer any questions if needed.

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