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DFlyFisher - Fly fish anywhere! AFK mode

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Short and sweet, I needed to train my fishing so I made a quick script that fly fishes for you.


  1. 20 fishing
  2. Fly fishing rod and plenty of feathers in inventory
  3. Start near a fly fishing location (Barbarian Village, Lumbridge, North of Seer's Village, or Shilo Village (Shilo Village quest required))

How to use

  1. Start near a fly fishing location.
  2. If you want to use AFK mode, check the "AFK Mode" checkbox on the GUI.
  3. Hit start

AFK Mode

AFK mode tries to imitate a player that's playing RuneScape while say watching Netflix. Normally, a player doing so won't react immediately and could go several seconds without reacting to the game. AFK mode tries to imitate this by sleeping a random number of seconds before each new action. For example, if the spot you're fishing at disappears, the script will sleep anywhere from 1-15 seconds before moving to the next spot. Same thing with dropping, if the inventory fills up, the bot will sleep for a random amount of time before dropping. AFK mode also moves the "mouse" off the screen while it's  "AFK".




How to install

  1. Download the script from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1wkufbrp444bke/dfisher.jar?dl=0
  2. Put the JAR file in your OSBot scripts folder (Usually C:/Users/YOUR_USER/OSBot/Scripts


That's about it. If you come across any bugs or have any nice proggies you'd like to share, let me know.

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