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Hey Guys, I've been looking at starting up farms now for a while and i figured that this would be my best bet so far,

I'm using a premium script on a method that used to be really popular but has since died down, I'm going to run this method on one acc for today to get a feel for how long it takes to get banned and how much gp/h i can make.


Day 1


Tutorial Island Ready Accs; 50

Accounts being botted: 1

Accounts banned: N/A

Profit (Today): 550k

Status: Testing.


^ If account get banned i will minus it from profit.

Day 2

Accounts being botted: 4 ( All for 7h)

Proxys bought: 1

Accounts banned: N/A

Profit (Today): 6M

Status: Running.




Total Spent: 40M

Total Made so far: 6M



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