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Dispute- TheWind (Cont)

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Thread Link: This is a continuation on a dispute filed back in December


This is a continuation from a previously filed dispute. I hired TheWind to make me a private script back in early November and it was completed at the end of the month. It was agreed that he would provide the source codes so another scripter can use them to make my farm, and it was provided only in this first version of the script. There was a lot of bugs that made the script unusable and he was not fixing them  or answering my messages on Skype and the websites pms, which  was the reasoning for the first dispute. 

It was resolved that he was busy with finals at the time, so he would be able to work on the script when his finals were done, and that he would keep up with communication. This was early-mid December.  He had told me that the fixes would be done on December 22nd, and when the day came around, I was not able to reach him. On the 23rd I got a hold of him and he told me he was unable to finish the script and offered a refund, but we settled on him providing two more additional small scripts that same day, one which he had
already been working on, this is still the 23rd.

From December 24th to December 31st I tried to get a hold of him again about receiving my scripts, so I can get them implemented all together by another scripter. Which is what I originally hired him for. I managed to finally get my "fixed" script along with the smaller ones the 31st after messaging him every hour trying to finally receive my scripts, so I could get everything up and running before a trip I'm going on.

He finally sent me the scripts, but without the source codes which were supposed to come with them so another scripter could use them with everything else. I've messaged him about the source codes a couple times  now, but ever since I received the scripts on the 31st, he has not answered me. The main script that he had to fix-up still contains the same bugs as far as I can tell. The script is literally unusable and the only task it can complete is buying supplies from the GE, which also was not fixed. He was supposed to raise the prices that items were bought at because it was getting stuck when items were more expensive than the buy value in the script. Apart from buying materials in the GE, the script can't complete a single thing. The two smaller scripts rely heavily on the main one working, but since that one is entirely unusable, the two small ones are also completely unusable.

I've had two scripters look at the code from the first file that was sent at the end of November in hopes of getting these bugs fixed and they refused (politely) to work on it due to all the bugs, how messy it is, and how big of a task it would be to fix it up.

I am now completely over this nightmare of a script request and just ask for a refund of my 82m as TheWind  won't answer me about providing the source codes, further fixing the script, and that I'm going to have to rehire someone to remake the script.



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