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account locked, seller gave false or partial recovery info

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  • i had bought an account off him on the condition that - I MUST be able to unlock it - back in oct 2017, which was friday, account got banned on saturday, he swore that it wasnt botted recently LOL
  • anyways i asked for recovery info which he kindly gave then went on a 2months trip, next time when i was able to deal with the account was in december, the recovery info wasnt good it just keept being denied
  • he came back from the trip and i asked whether he gave me correct info or not, instead of answering me, he said he will unlock it for me for a 'small fee' LMFAO, i told him to unlock it and we can talk about 'the small fee' later... now he just blatantly ignores me note: the condition upon purchase was that I can unlock it anytime with info provided....

resolution: he either unlocks the acc or pays back the price that was paid via ppal in oct 27th & gear that was put on the acc, as i couldnt use the account for 2 months due to :

1, suspicious ban ( i find it hard to believe an account gets banned after 1-1h of botting and pauses for a total of 12 hours  on a fucking proxy on friday but meh)

2, he was unable to provide me with the correct recovery info which was the fucking base for my purchase....


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19 minutes ago, Mio said:

We need proof of your claims. A link to a thread isn't proof of what you're saying.

i beg to differ it is, i am asking if he is an OO and if he got recovery info

can you check my inbox here or should i screenshot that too?

i can screenshot the login window where it says locked, but that is just the generic window LOL

ps: the deal was done in chatbox as he isnt using skype, i asked him to do recovery test but he didnt have the time, so i just went along seeing he had sold multiple accs, he gave recovery info later on


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