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Mic not working

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I don't think accecory is a word, and PS3 servers are terrible.


Someone help


Ok i just switched tvs and now i can get the chat volume through my headset but not the game volume...


Yes. My option is through headset only.

It worked before i switched tvs so idk what im doing wrong 


What kind of headset do you have? If it is a standard one that plugs into your controller then your TV has nothing to do with it.

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This is an issue with your audio. It's not the TV, it has to be the headset. I'm sure you are using the better one's since you said you couldn't get the *GAME VOLUME* through the headset. I would make sure that you audio cables are hooked up correctly, and that you have everything plugged in correctly. If you have a PS3, there are separate cords needed to use Turtle Beaches. 

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