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10m start

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so lost 3 accs and about 80-85m. 

Have 10m atm. Own perfect magic projects hunter and fruity nmz and im vip so access to those scripts and free scripts

wanting to make one acc as a main, one as a staker, and rest bots for gold. 

What would you suggest doing.

Thinking of making a few f2p accounts to bot cb for a  while. use 6m to get 2 bonds for 2 mem accounts. bot one to about 40 hunting then 55 next day and then make a little the following day after reaching red chin lvl. as for the other member account. turn my f2p acc with 1/1/1 51 range 50mage and 39hp into a zulrah bot after getting it to requirements. may stay f2p til 75 mage then bond and bot and train my range to 75 followed by other reqs. i'm probably gonna look up some decent staking stats to go for and bot a f2p acc to it then make it a mem and use it for staking.


looking for other ideas/suggestions 

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2 minutes ago, boozer said:

so what would you suggest on the progression of bots for the gold farm

I personally don't really "gold farm" persay. I more prefer to mass create different account builds (pkers), let them sit and then sell for profit. If you want to make a farm though I know minnows are very profitable, maybe start 2 minnow accs to fund more etc

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