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[ACS] Inorganic Chemistry


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Anyone here live in the States and have taken the Inorganic Chemistry ACS Final? I’ve got an ~89.3 in the class right now, so this final could make it or break it for me to get an A. There are NO ACS study guides available for this corse. The National average for the test is a ~40, so I’m just going to go out there and say that I’m assuming it’s pretty stinkin’ Hard... 


Any advice would be appreciated!


- Project

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2 minutes ago, Project said:

 There are NO ACS study guides available for this corse.

man? try google scholar or your uni's insider net, it is pretty effing hard to believe there is no material on this at all

anyways, good luck with the exam, hmu if you need coaching in economics;) ( for a price ofc )

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I never took Inorganic, but I did well in Orgo. I can't give specific advice for this exam, but in general I found that I studied most effectively by answering practice questions. Go through chapters you feel weak in in your textbook, and try to solve every problem that has a solution included in the book. If you can't solve it, read the solution, solve it out, move on to another problem, and come back to the ones you haven't solved later.

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