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What Data does the client return to Jagex?


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So I'm new to scripting, and I'm trying to add some level of anti-ban to my scripts.

The best way (from what I have read here) seems to be to write anti-pattern scripts - mixing up your path, and not always clicking the nearest tree, etc... However, there are a huge number of "behavioral" anti-ban "methods", for example moving the mouse out of the game area periodically, turning your viewing angle and so on. 

Is this data something that Jagex actually receives? From my (very) limited knowledge of coding for games, I would have assumed that the client is sent all of the data to an area, and the view and x,y interactions are processed client-side only, with the game returning 'player1 clicked on "Entity 1234"' - rather than a coordinate. Can anyone confirm or deny this?


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