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[BO2] Tournament for forum members

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BO2 Tournament


Requirements: Must have xbox 360, Xbox live, registered member of OSBot, and have black ops 2.


How to participate: Message me on forums or leave a comment.


Rewards: Some sort of forum reward (maybe), Or rs 2007 gold. 


How it works:  We will have whoever is participating in this event 1v1 me and will be placed in a bracket these brackets I will try to place on forums. The team brackets will work  the same way. Depending on how many members we have participating in this tournament we will have a team bracket and a 1v1 bracket. For the 1v1 bracket there will be 5 weapons of choice ( I will make up the custom classes) and I will spectate the 1v1 match and maybe have someone record it the winner will move on to the next bracket. Team bracket wise we will have small teams (how many people depend on the amount of people on team.) We will also have 5 custom classes like the 1v1 bracket. The maps we will be using will be small maps for both 1v1 and team brackets.  There will be different maps for each game. We will be playing team deathmatch for the team brackets and free for all for 1v1 brackets. There will be 1 round I haven't decided how many points we will be going to yet.


Times: I haven't set any times up yet. I will be setting everything it up this weekend and have the participants pick a good time that works for everyone.



Side notes: I am looking for people to help me organize this if you wish to message me on skype: Superbeastyler or message me on forums. I am also looking for someone to make a banner for this tournament message me for more info.





Current participants(Will update): Linkcg0 , austinyo , Pike , Kyle , alexownsz5 ,  Koreupted , rox

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Sounds good guys i'll add all off you in a little bit. I'll probably set up the tournament this weekend and try to start it next weekend. Talking to maxi about forum rewards like maybe a rank or something like that if that doesn't work out winner will get rs gp. 


To participate message me on forums your gamertag. 

Hey guys I edited the thread layout hope you like it. I'm also looking for a banner for this tournament if you wish to make me one please message me! Thanks!

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