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Looking for 1 or 2 workers that are able to do questing/powerleveling

I'm not taking slave price orders so no need to be scared of afking nmz for 3gp/xp like some ppl here offer


You must deposit a fee of 30m

You must have clean rep here and on other sites

You must be able to use skype

You may not have any disputes open here or on other sites

If you decide to quit 70% of your fee will be refunded

I will be always taking the payment of service and once your done, you get paid

I will be taking 10% of every order.


1. You cannot use any form of botting or auto clicking whilst working for me, everything has to be hand done (unless otherwise agreed by the client) 
2. If you disrespect me or any of your colleague workers you forfeit your deposit.
3. You will never scam in any situation. If you do you forfeit your deposit and will face consequences. 
4. Orders always have to go through me.  
5. You can advertise but always put my Skype below.
6. Any order you take must be completed.
7. You must notify me when you're gonna be away for a while. 
8. You are not allowed to take any payment from customers on your own. Doing so will make you responsible for it and can lead to a kick from the service.
9. You must respond on Skype while logged on a client's account.
1. Do you agree the deposit of 30m?
2. Are you able to quest/powerlevel or both?
3. Whats your skype?
4. Did you add me?
5. Do you agree tos?




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9 minutes ago, Aroyo said:

Ask a bigger deposit then, im sure you'll get alot of workers anyway, its not like you are just a sponsor with 30 feedback and 2 months old account =P


I will choose ppl i don't let everyone to join no matter of the deposit

Please keep spamming now away.

I don't also care if you don't see me enough trusted but i can tell you i got trusted with a bit more than 30m's

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