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Pokie's Lobster Karamja Lobster Fisher


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I am new to scripting but I managed to make this script which I think is pretty good. It took a while but here it is. 

What it does:

Takes the ship between Karamja and Port Sarim, fishes lobsters, and banks them in the bank deposit box at sarim. 

How to use: 

1. Have more than 60 coins in your inventory for the boat. If you have below 60 the script will log out. 

2. Have a lobster cage in your inventory. 

3. Start the script anywhere around Karamja/Port Sarim and you should be good to go. 

Have not had any problems with the script after running for 4 hours with breaks. Post here if you find something. Thanks!


Link to script download.


Edit:  May have trouble if you have completed pirate's treasure. Not sure. 

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