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Local Scripts not running


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1 minute ago, pocketpokie said:

I'm new to coding and I've made a decent script. It has been running everyday and now that I am almost done the bot doesn't start the script anymore? 

Is this a bug with an update? 

sounds silly but have you tried re-opening your client?

sometimes when i click play my scripts do nothing, I just have to re-load.

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4 minutes ago, pocketpokie said:

Yeah I have :/, I'm going to restart my computer now to see if that fixes it.  Also re-downloaded the client too. 

That didn't fix it. Not too sure what is going on. I'll check if it's an issue on my side by downloading a local script that runs for others to see if it runs for me. 

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Make sure you don't have any .form files (for example if you used intellij builder for the GUI it creates a .form file). I'm not 100% sure that the .form file would cause issues here, but it has with other bots for me. Another thing is to make sure you aren't using the API in the constructor of your main.java file. If you are, then move that code to the on start function instead.

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