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5 Accounts F2P Money Making


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I am going to be keeping a progress thread to see how much money I can make using F2P money making scripts.

I am starting with five level3 accounts.

This is just a test to see if jagex ban lvl 3 accounts that are simply just picking potatoes/onions/buying kebabs and to see how much I can make before they get banned.

At the end of each day I will transfer all the picked/bought items onto a mule account and sell to the GE.

I am going to suicide these bots, try and get 15/24 hours botted.



1: Potato Picker (Chars Potato)

2: Potato Picker (Chars Potato)

3: Potato Picker (Chars Potato)

4: Onion Picker (GPS Onion)

5: Onion Picker (GPS Onion)



Create 5 level 3 accounts (completed)

Complete Tutorial Island (completed)


UPDATE: Botted for 12 hours straight on each account. One account malfunctioned leaving me with Four.

Total Potatoes Picked: 11,998

Total Onions Picked: 4,562

Total Profit: 694,334


(I will be resting the accounts overnight, possible over the weekend so I can bot farm zulrah).





Achieve 7QP on each account (1/5) (Potters 7QP-VIP ONLY)



Make Dyes on two accounts all day, while I bot zulrah on another. My PC wouldn't run well running 5 F2P bots and also trying to bot zulrah, so I am only running two.

1: Dye Maker (GPS DYE)

2: Dye Maker (GPS DYE)

3: (Resting)

4: (Resting)

5: (Resting)





*************************** 4/5 ACCOUNTS BANNED ***************************


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