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Need: Death Plateau + Troll Stronghold + Temple of Ikov

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You may not gain any def/prayer exp during the service.
You may not use any bots, this must be done 100% by hand.

You get paid once service is done

I will supply acc with cash to buy items

Account stats:

Post your prices & time frames, please. :)

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8 hours ago, DyQuest said:

I can do them if youre willing to wait a little. Off work in about 8 hours from now. I just did all these quests yesterday for my pure lol. Pure quests are my specialty so I can do them fast ezpz.

Can do for 1.8m since youd have to wait 8 hours for me + about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to complete

You online/able to start yet?

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