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RS Addicts Anonymous

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Hello welcome to the group, pass on the AGS, the one who is holding it is the speaker and may speak freely about their addiction with no judgment! (that's a lie) 

My name is Hawx and Im addicted to bowls, All the kids in RS were saying lets go and get a bowl,I wanted to be cool ya know. So ME wanting to fit in I started to make bowls. My hand work was awesome and i made so many awesome looking bowls. I have thousands and thousands of bowls in my mothers basement right now! it's seriously over board, before she died she said "Look here Hawx, you little cunt get rid of those bowls or your never going to sell my house and get dank cash to go to Thailand for them qt Asian gfs you pleb" So I've been cleaning up my shit and trying to sell them bowls, but then no! some kids said they like to put water in their bowls so i filled my bowls with water and then they said they are going to boil their bowl or some shit. Turns out they were talking about smoking a bong, now im stuck with all these bowls! so. that's how i came to my bowl addiction. 

*Passes the AGS on*

Let's start a cancer thread and state your addiction kiddos. none of that #69bitches because we all know you don't. 


Bowls for days.PNG

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