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Need Tips to avoid disable on accounts

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Hello! Good evening atm i'm running 30bots+ everyday, need tips on how to do bunch of account with tut done, i'm trying shareds VPN but it but sometimes it got disable, and if i use proxy accounts get lock after tut.

Any Help? Should i build my own VPN?

Thanks in advance guys!

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Using shared VPN's could be your issue, you're basically sharing an IP with who knows how many other people. If you want to maximize your success, get private Socks 5 proxies and register the accounts using the Maxthon browser. It might take a little longer, but in the end it will pay off and save you time as the chance of those accounts being banned is reasonably lower.

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Make the accounts and complete tut island all on the same IPand you should be golden. VPN's i wouldn't recommend unless paying for them but eh still go for a VPS. And i don't know what you mean by shared VPN's but if the IP is being changed often and the IP differs to creation and tut island completion then it will be locked. As for bans you haven't been chain banned which happens and you're clearly not flagged so yeah bots will get you banned sometimes. Goodluck! 

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